Creating New Transaction Technology

- Creating New Transaction Technology.

  • CNTT symbolizes future market that is created through new value and union, and technique that creates new culture.

    IT technique + dining market = creates new culture and new market : We are a 11-year company with strong substantiality that has been consistently growing after it was established in 2003. We have established a market with the creative start of nation’s first dining order medium service in 2003, and is currently doing business worth of 7.2 trillion Won with 67 brands and a total of 34000 stores.

  • Propose a Win-Win business model

    It was a traditional method in the business world to charge system integration development cost and call center operational expenses and personnel expenses of the general system. We have suggested and succeeded in commercialization of charging commission per order, a win-win business model to the dining market.

  • Establishment of the nation’s first dining online market

    The call routing technique, which separated developed order calls and calls other than order, timetable technique that automatically predicted the amount of calls, and call blending technique, which is a single consultant managing many brands, were developed for revolution in productivity in times of crisis of business closure due to the accumulated deficit by 2005. These techniques have brought a revolution and made it possible to dominate the market, and was created through intuition from direct experience.

  • Active creation of employment

    We have employed many interns since 2009 through the government policy of internship program for young people, and started employing students through the internship program for patent specialized high schools in 2012. Also, we are providing many job opportunities through the job share policy of part-time job to those who got their experiences cut off or various classes of people who have a hard time working as a full-time due to child care or personal issues.