商卽人 ‘business for people’, 'business (商)' is people.

Business is not making a profit but harvesting people. In other words, the basis of business is gaining a person’s heart. We are waiting for those who want to endeavor with CNT to gain a person’s heart.

    A talented person who has a sound dream
    A person with a right mind who continuously develops his/her ego for one’s dream with passion and energy
    A talented person who is creative and professional
    A person who progresses toward higher goals with creative challenges, constantly strives for self-improvement, and ready to possess professionalism.
    A talented person who has confidence
    A person who has a honest heart and behaviors based on principles, and can represent responsibility and give confidence to customers.
    A talented person who is ready to gain one’s heart
    A person who faces people with sincerity and who is ready to achieve goals with collaboration with their coworkers.
    A talented person who is young and ambitious
    A person who has ambition and fighting spirit, doesn’t fear failure, and can foster young talented people.
Questions on Costs

cntt tech
CNT will kepp supporting
its members to
obtain their heart.

  • Support education Support educationSupport company training, tuitions for employees, external educational fees related to duty, and participation fee of conference. 13 for South Seoul University, 2 for Sejong University, 1 for Gacheon Medical Center, 5 for Korean National Open University.
  • Support family events Support family events Wreaths, condolence wreaths, various expenditures and vacation for congratulations and condolences,
  • New Year’s event, workshop for each division employee event employee event
  • Provide dining gift certificate to all employees when promoted.Provide dining gift Provide dining gift
  • Every year, CEO emcee the event for new employees。 Orientation Orientation
  • Send thank you letter and gifts to parents of all employees.Provide Parents’ day gifts Provide Parents’ day gifts
  • Support diapers for congratulations on a birth. Maternity leave Maternity leave
  • Having a beer party with all employees。Beer party Beer party

CNT Tech seeks to establish an incorporated business field that can be combined with IT techniques to design the market and create added value through the incorporated business activities, and overall to fulfill healthy creation of employment and wealth sharing..

Employment category

Preliminary education course

An educational course to learn the professional processes of CNTT is opened every year.
An internship opportunity is given to talented people selected from high schools.

New member

New members of CNTT is employed by open recruitment, internship program, or recruitment on demand according to the current employee conditions.

Career member

Recruiting professional career employees who can create valuable service on demand. Please register the application through “application for employment.” We evaluate the application in priority when needed and contact the applicants.

Employment policy

Employment policy
  Register application Experienced member
1 Register application Please read the employment notice Please write the application for
employment through registering talent DB.
2 Selection of candidates We evaluate the applicant’s basic data, whether the cover letter is written in perfection and with sincerity, and whether the applicant corresponds to the qualification requirement for each division of recruitment.
We consider the planned number of employment and select interviewees.
3 1st Interview The need for 1st interview is decided by the division of employment and can be processed in various forms.
4 2nd Interview Overall evaluation of character/talent/capability based on online application, results of 1st interview, and results of skill assessment and selection of final candidate considering the planned number of employement.
5 Join the company  

Personnel System

General promotion policy
  1. Staff
  2. Manager
  3. Chief
  4. Head chief
  5. Deputy department head
  6. Department head
  7. Board member

* Promotion from a staff to a department head generally takes 19 ~ 20 years.

Promotion by selection policy

A new personnel system that allows promotion to higher position after 2 years of working per position according to the ability of the employee.

We are waiting for main characters growing and challenging with CNT for the future

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