대표 전화성

Greetings! This is Jeon Hwaseong, the CEO of CNT Tech.

We truly appreciate everybody who loves CNT Tech.
CNT Tech seeks to establish an incorporated business field that can be combined with IT techniques to design the market and create added value through the incorporated business activities, and overall to fulfill healthy creation of employment and wealth sharing.

CNT Tech has established a new market called the dining order medium market by incorporating IT business and dining business, and has been a central company with a market share of 96% in the dining order medium market for 13 years.
The incorporated business model needs continuous innovative activities to reduce the risk of establishing new business fields.

The executives all employees of CNT Tech have evaluated the process of the company every season and continuously performed innovative activities, and thus have achieved results of grasping two at once by reducing the production cost and increasing the quality.
As a result, we have led to call center order, online order, and mobile order with the basis of charges per order, and possess the main relevant POS technique, communications technology of order medium, and the economic power of website and mobile agencies.

CNT Tech has established several affiliates such as Creative Comms, Telestar, and C-definition after 2007.
Creative Comms seeks incorporation of marketing with imaging techniques and SNS.
Telestarseeks incorporation of IT techniques and original technique between communications technology.
C-definition seeks incorporation of mobile IT techniques and stock information market.
CNT Tech practices the value of ‘business for people’ derived from Christian ideology.
Each company has a mission with the basis of this value.
We define the vision of the company based on this value every 4 years and set strategies to practice this vision.

We are continuously investing on the education and welfare of the employees to practice CNT Tech’s value of ‘business for people.’
We are investing on education by developing a industry-academic contract with South Seoul University to allow any employees to get their Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degrees.

We are currently supporting scholarships to 18 selected employees, 13 students for South Seoul University and 5 for Korea National Open University.
Besides these, we are practicing ‘business for people’ to the employees of the company through a differentiated welfare policy, such as library support, conversation with the CEO, diaper support for childbirth, etc. We have continuously donated and supported IT techniques to YWCA as a wealth sharing activity for the past 4 years and are also sponsoring orphanages such as Sinmangwon. Overall, we have appropriated an average of 40 million Won per year as a budget for sponsoring the weak of the society. (An average of a total 5 years)

Moreover, the CEO is more firmly maintaining the mind of wealth sharing of CTN Tech through activities of donating talent for film production for the weak of the society.
CNT Tech promises to not only make a win-win relationship with the customers, but also to be a role model company that practices meaningful value in the future.

KAIST School of Computing, Computer Science, Masters(2001.2)

  1. CEO of CNT Tech Co. (current)
  2. CEO of Creative Comms Co. (current)
  3. CEO of Telestar (current)
  4. Registered oral interview archive on the KAIST history repository KAIST Archives service
  5. Adjunct Professor of Seokang Univ.(Present)
  6. Adjunct professor in Graduate School of Industrial & Entrepreneurial Management at Joongang University (current)
  7. Adjunct professor in Future Talent Development Center at Dongguk University (current)
  8. Adjunct Professor of Dan-guk Univ.(Present)
  9. Jury of Social Enterprise budget (2013 ~ current)
  10. Jury of KAIST E*5 Venture Opening (2013 ~ current)
  11. Mentor of South Seoul University Enterprise Establishment of Venture Company (2013 ~ current)
  12. Member of board of directors of Korea Convergent Agrifood Institute (2012.9 ~ current)
  13. IBK Corporate Bank Investment Consultant(Present )
  14. Korea Software globalization research Corp. Vice Chairman(Present)
  15. YMCA Korea supporters Association Director(Present)
  1. Ulsan Center for Creative Economy and Innovation Director
  2. PPL Corp. Director(Present)
  3. Member of board of directors of The CEO Association of Inaugurative Management (2013.5 ~ current)
  4. Member of board of directors of the Korea Broadcast Content Association (2011.11 ~ current)
  5. Hankyung Job & Story Co., Ltd Present/Vice Present (2012.8~2013.6)
  6. 9th Completion of KAIST Best Venture Manager Course
  7. 12th Completion of Yonsei University Best Franchise Manager Course
  8. Steering committee of YWCA care and management (current)
  9. Question designer member of the teacher certification examination (Army) (2006)
  10. Operating officer of identity program at the Headquarter of the Army (Army) (2004.07 ~ 2007.06)
  11. Steering committee of voice information (2001 ~ 2002)
  12. CEO of SL2 Co. (2000.3 ~ 2003.5)
  13. Writers committee of Korea Wireless Internet White Paper (Softbank, 2000)
  14. Teaching assistant of the department of electronic computer science (1999.08 ~ 2000.07)


  1. President Award(2015 Korea ICT Innovation Best Award)
  2. Prime Minister Award(2013)
  3. Chief of Korea SME Award(2013)
  4. Best Young Entrepreneur(2012)
  5. Prospective ICT company Award(The Ministry of Information and Communication,2003)
  6. The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Award(2002. New Technology Contest)
  1. BBB Spots Council plaque of appreciation
  2. (Applied linguistic recognition system of sports artificial intelligence of 200 World cup)
  3. Bright SME Award (Daejeon City,2002)
  4. KAIST MBA Top Paper Award(2002)
  5. President’s special award (The first early graduation of 6 semester of university in the nation, Dongkuk University)