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Through call center outsourcing service, companies can enhance its core strengths and improve its competiveness. Companies can also reduce management costs into 1/5 of its original costs, so this will companies to provide high quality service with lowest costs. Call center outsourcing can be separated into inbound and outbound area. CNTTech delivers both areas based on client requirements. * Inbound : Answering customer calls, receiving store orders, answering calls on payments and delivery status, defend cancel of orders, calculating price and answering calls on further details, receiving and processing claims, answering calls about after sales service (A/S), answering calls about membership and other questions and answering calls on optional services. * Outbound : Customer information update, happy call, carrying out promotions and notifying winners, sales(Up, Cross, New), monitoring, research and survey, collecting sales receivables, notification of new policies, questions, defend cancel of orders

Fixed Charged Rate(Amount) Per Month Classification Cost per Seat
Content Call Center Outsourcing, Inbound Price Negotiable
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Main functions

Main functions