Service configuration

CNTTECH offers a distinct and high quality solution for efficient management and operations of the client’s call center based on accumulated know-hows from operating call centers in various industries—mainly from the dining industry.

Overall Evaluation
Professional Consulting

  • Consulting in improving productivity
    Analysis on productivity KPI factors
    Development of productivity enhancement
    program through cost call routing and call blending
    Development of productivity management program
    Improvements in management index and performance management skills
  • (Phone)Call Quality Consulting
    Analysis on (phone)call quality
    Analysis after making a mystery call
    Benchmarking competitor’s (phone)call quality
    Analysis on each agent’s goal and level of response
    Developing a program to improve (phone)call quality
    Developing a program to manage (phone)call quality
    Education on improving (phone)call quality
  • Organization Management Consulting
    Setting a goal & Human resources management
    Promote organizational culture
    Simulation on required personnel
    Education and coaching from professional agents
  • Consulting on Developing a New Center
    Establishing infrastructure (System & Equipment)
    Searching & Hiring agents
    Center operation policies and work process