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In the dining industry, CNTT POS is a customer management concept based on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) first developed by CNTTech. CNTT POS system integrates ERP synchronization and is applicable to various business environments-pre-payment, post-payment and delivery payment system-and also in other brands. CNTT POS is an expandable, lenient and efficient platform that is possible to accommodate all kinds of business systems.
We are the first to develop an order transmission technology into remote stores from inner store based POS. Main phone number and online ordering were added to this technology. - By building a successful CNTT POS system required from POS customers, businesses can offer high quality services and improve customer satisfaction through maintenance. Any businesses can take advantage of this opportunity and increase their affiliated stores.

POS,Charged Rate (Amount) & Price
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  • CIT based development:A system that merges phone and computer together in order to efficiently distribute and manage phone calls coming to the company.
  • CRM SI : Targeted CRM domains are specially designed campaigns (B2C & B2B) in various industries, for instance, finance, manufacturing, communication and dining, Progress after designing sales force automation.
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