Online Order Medium Platform

CNTTECH was the first to implement a system in which the GIS decided the store’s location after a customer entered its address on a website and sent an order to the POS. Implementation of this system contributed in activating online services in the dining industry. Beforehand, there was no concept of online ordering among the dining industry. However, in the year of 2003 Mr. Pizza started receiving online orders and other companies within the industry have followed such trend. Through convenient access of online customers, we were able to strength customer service based on the user’s needs, and we established a timely management system based on a website possible of bilateral communications. Online ordering service contributes to raise in sales from efficient order channels. As of now, large dining restaurants such as Mr. Pizza, PizzaHut, Pizza Ettang, BBQ have implemented an online ordering service, and other restaurants within the industry are seeking to implement an online ordering service as well.

CNTTECH mobile ordering solution includes the advantage-unbounded to location-of phone (line) ordering, and the advantages of online ordering which is the ability to check details about a product and promotion information. Companies seeking for easy customer access and efficient ordering system are implementing a mobile ordering service and the number of companies is increasing as well.

Online Order Medium Platform,Charged Rate (Amount) & Price
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  • System Development and Management Fee
  • - Website
  • - Mobile Web
  • - Android Application
  • - Iphone Application
  • - Hybrid Application
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