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Monthly Fixed Unlimited Call Transfer Service contributes to increase in sales in stores by receiving calls from the call center without any burden. Also, through installing IP Phone POS (텔레스타) we provide service which synchronizes all online orders. Online orders include orders through internet, mobile and smart phone. In conclusion, we can provide the most effective service to delivery stores. Our service will increase clients’ online sales and number of online customers.

* Call Transfer? Service which transfers customers’ calls from call centers to stores.

Monthly Fixed Unlimited Call Transfer Service, Charged Rate (Amount) & Price
Charged Rate (Amount) Monthly Fixed Price Negotiable
Content Unlimited Call Transfer
Unlimited Online Order (Mobile & Web) through IP Phone POS installation
Qualification Requirement Question for Details

* Over Five Years of Business + 10% discount on companies with more than 900 stores.

Composition of Synchronization

Composition of Synchronization

CNTTech offers a comprehensive service to the dining industry through investment in advance and charges commission per order. By creating such win-win business model CNTTech intends to improve the overall IT technology service in the dining industry. Small & Medium stores and other dining brands can tremendously reduce marketing and other related costs. Implementing a call center with a single simplified number should allow acceptance of orders and customer response with higher efficiency. Higher efficiency will enhance brand awareness as well. Additionally, a single simplified number can work as a window for recruiting member stores, contributing to brand expansion.

Stores without POS :It is possible to structure an order oriented call center through the installation of IP Phone POS through Phone Communication Lab Co. GIS : Geographic Information System System which analyzes geographic data and utilizes such information on traffic communication and more

Order Oriented Call Center, Charged Rate (Amount) & Price
Charged Rate(Amount) Per Case Classification Less than200,000 Less than200~400,000 Over400,000
Content Address/Menu/Payment Price Negotiable

*When using only Address/Menu, the price would be 700 Won。

Process on taking an order – Order Oriented Operation Plan(POS)

주문접수 프로세스 주문접수 프로세스

Without a POS, it is important to enhance the call conversion factor to increase the store’s sales. Computerization of store’s commercial sphere through GIS will create computerization of the store’s geographic delivery range. This will improve the process of sudden pressure of orders and will ultimately lead to decrease in lost sales.

Call Transfer Call Center, Charged Rate (Amount) & Price
Charged Rate(Amount) Per Case Classification Store Call Transfer, No Call Transfer Price Negotiable
Charged Rate(Amount) Fixed Charged Rate(Amount) per Month Classification Classification Less than an average of twenty-five orders per store,
Less than an average of fifty orders per store
Price Negotiable

Call Transfer Operation Plan

Call Transfer Operation Plan