K-Startup Grand Challenge

Korea is not only a stronghold for renowned electronics companies like Samsung, LG or IT giants like Naver or Kakao.

It is also becoming a recognized innovation hub for startupers and digital nads from all over the world.

K-Startup Grand Challenge is Government-supported 4 month acceleration program for overseas startups.

  • Based in Pankyo (~Seoul), in Startup Campus
  • Numerous financial incentives
  • Office & R&D space
  • Corporate sponsorship & support
  • Visa program & Help Desk

Here is our class of 2017 :


2017 K-Global Accelerator Development Project(Intelligence Information)

  • Initial Investment

  • Provision of Intelligence Information field professional mentoring

  • Intelligence Information(AI, IoT, Cloud, Bigdata, Mobile) Startup specialized accelerating program

  • Internal and external sequential investment,
    market linkage and partnership support

Cooperation with Sejong Center for Creative Economy and Innovation

With Sejong Center for Creative Economy and Innovation and Genius Education Corp.we provide various benefits such as mentoring, meeting with VC, networking in the same industry and etc towards local startup companies during the program.

Companies participating in 2017 program shall be introduced.