Jeon Hwaseong’s adventure

Jeon Hwaseong’s Adventure (Start-up Accelerating program)' has performed initial investment, support for development, mentoring about market penetration and overall business for start-ups in Korea and global since 2012. CNT Tech Co. Ltd., provides the best accelerating program to potential start-ups in various field such as Foodtech, O2O, ICT for their market penetration and successful developing of service in initial stage with utilizing the founder’s know-how of successful business and his network in local and global.

Proposal of ‘Jeon Hwaseong’s adventure’ Program

  • Seed Invest

  • Intelligence information, Foodtech and
    O2O Development Know-how

  • CNTTECH’s enterprise customer
    (Franchise, Small and middle store)
    Support connections in related market

  • Support
    networking of MNC
    company in Korea
    (CJ, SK, LG)

  • Support Chinese and
    ASEAN market penetration

  • CNTTech
    Batch program
    Support networking between Alumni

Partner Institution

Jeon Hwaseong’s Adventure Alumni